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graphic designer

branding  •  printed design  •  typography

  • Who I am


    I am Celia Grandhomme,

    an independant graphic designer available to find custom design solutions to your projects.


    I am a passionate graphic designer whose aim is to help people communicate and find the perfect unique and timeless identity.

    I studied a Master's degree in Pluridisciplinary Design, worked at Graphéine branding agency, and co-founded Piña Design Studio

    for which I have been working since 2017.

  • What I do


    ⊳ art direction & branding

    ⊳ custom typeface design

    ⊳ live printing & workshops

    ⊳ illustration

    ⊳ signage & front shop design

    ⊳ packaging

    ⊳ print & editorial design

    ⊳ photography


    Based in Lyon (FR), I work locally and with clients abroad on art direction, branding, printed design, typography and illustration.

    I also organise live silk-screen printing with customized illustrations on textile items for brands during events, workshops and shop openings.


    If you're interested in a collaboration or have any question, feel free
    to contact me and have a coffee at my workshop ➸ Cosmodule (20 rue Renan 69007 Lyon)


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