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  • Baston Typeface


    Baston is a modern gothic typeface that evokes tradition and humor, inspired by belgian beers and labels.

    With its bold curves and sharp serifs, Baston creates a strong impact when used on titles and logos.



    Typeface design, beer bottle labels, coasters and goodies.



    2016 – Brussels, Belgium

  • Atelier Danse


    Atelier Danse is an association located in Annecy. Focused on space coordination and movement, the visual identity developped evokes a choreography and includes the large variety of dance styles that can be learned at the Atelier.



    Art direction, visual identity, print communication,

    business cards and stationary, tshirts and goodies.



    2018 – Annecy, France

  • Nos Vignes


    Nos Vignes is a wine lover network born of the union of two friends who wanted to share their passion of seeing their own vineyards grow.

    Located near Lyon, a website allows its members to visit and participate to the secrets of the production.



    Art direction, brand identity, wine label design, print communication,

    degustation box design, stationary & business cards.



    2017 – Lyon, France

  • Iwalewa


    Iwalewa is an expert cosmetic brand specialized in curly hair care.

    Based in France and Senegal, the brand provides shampoos and cosmetics for african women, with the aim to represent them, reveal their beauty and make their daily life easier.



    Art direction, brand identity, packaging design, stationary and business cards.



    2018 – Lyon, France

  • Saturnales


    Saturnales is a swiss festival organised by university students in Geneva that includes more than 5.000 people each year.

    This design proposal was based on the theme of Saturn and space exploration. The logo evokes dance through its wavy and smooth font.



    Art direction, visual identity, poster, pictograms, tshirts and goodies.



    2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

  • Atelier 52


    Atelier 52 is the collaboration of two craftsmen jewellers working in Lyon. Sharing the same workshop but working individually, they needed

    a common visual identity to share their work. The identity created highlights the diversity of their creations and the imperfection of handmade work that makes it unique and personal.



    Art direction, visual identity, sales catalogue,

    front shop signage, web design, business cards.



    2016 – Lyon, France

  • Mosaïque Hotel


    Mosaique is an hostel based in a multicultural suburb of Lyon. This place offers rooms, a coffee shop and hosts local events.

    The identity developped evokes a patchwork inspired by mosaics from all around the world. Different typefaces and patterns were created to represent cultural diversity and its synergy.



    Art direction, visual identity, naming, business cards

    and stationary, print communication, signage.



    2015 – Lyon, France

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